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KRISTA GARRAMONE - Producer, on air talent


Krista started out as an intern working alongside Matt and to his surprise, she wasn't a complete moron.  With average ability comes great responsibility in the film and TV world, and so she quickly worked her way up to being a producer.  Let's not inflate her ego too much though, she did decide to move to Florida for a time which calls into question her judgement abilities.

However, with all this drinking and art debauchery going on around here, someone has to be the designated driver.  As the only person who actually seems to enjoy legitimate art history, she makes for the perfect captain to steer this sinking ship. 


Krista has a BA from the University of Delaware, which is kind of an oxymoron because people forget Delaware actually exists.  When she wasn't majoring in Mass Communications there, she was minoring in Art History and so now you get why she's the brains of our operation.  Mmmmm brains.



Three time Emmy award winning camera man Michael Ingesh is living proof that the Hollywood elite will hand those trophies out to just about anyone!  But he did more than participate to nab those statues, this man knows his way around a camera and a studio.  He's also insanely tall and well, we didn't want to get sewed for heightism by saying no after he volunteered to help put this shit show of a podcast together.  A veteran television camera operator, Mike has lensed for Rosie O'Donnell, Ricki Lake, Montel Williams, and a slew of other day time talk show hosts that now work at Home Depot.  Why the hell does a podcast need a camera man you may ask?  Well, we don't have the answer, we're drunk.

When he's not whipping his lens out and sticking it in celebrity faces, he builds models of small towns and war machines- probably because he has some sort of "god complex" or he watched Beetlejuice while high and thought the god damn thing was a how-to video.  Mike was recently voted most likely to commit a crime and so he opted to go with a childhood photo to start his public sympathy campaign nice and early.



After we hired a Rob with two BB's we thought, you know what we need around here?  A Jill with one L - seriously WTF is wrong with these people?   Get a dictionary or spell check next time you scribble something on a birth certificate - Jeeze!  The good news is we are non-judgemental types around here, so we can look past these horrid imperfections in a person.  What Jil lacks in a grammatically correct name she makes up for in personality and talent. 

With 15+ years experience in radio she not only brings a wealth of knowledge but also makes for the perfect scapegoat to blame if this whole thing goes awry.  When she is not trying to keep our dysfunctional podcast family from killing each other, she enjoys crushing on Kanye West, taking pictures of street art, and hating cilantro.

JOE MILLER - Audio Engineer


Finally, someone with with a normal god damn name around here.  Joe is our resident engineer and all around good guy.  He's into all things audio including podcasts, music, anime, and hiding microphones in stranger's houses without their consent.  He LOVES recording hip hop music when he's not playing dungeons and dragons with his friends, or band, or clan, or whatever you call those people...

He's the kind of person who doesn't appear to have any vices, dysfunction or problems, so we're wondering what the hell he's doing here hanging out with us?  He's probably a serial killer.



Just when I thought we were moving in the direction of nice, normal, short and sweet names- Anastasia has to come along and fuck everything up.  Jesus Christ that's a lot of letters.  Executive producer is just a nice way of saying "the person who paid for all this."  I have no idea what Anastasia does but I do know she is a smoking hot babe so who cares.  She claims to have a BFA from the School of Visual Arts but can we really trust her - Look at that face and tell me she doesn't look like a god damn liar.

Okay Okay fine, Anastasia is kind of a Jack of all trades.  She helps with research, budgets, schedules, and if we had someone who worked here named Jack that got stuck on the roof of the building, she would probably help Jack Off.

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