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Episode 10

On today's episode of Listen to Your Art...I hope you brought a big sack, because we are dishing out art history in bundles like it's Halloween!  We host a costume party with fine art as our guests, debate what extinct art movements we would bring back to life, play would you hang this haunted edition, and of course get our FMK on with classic Hollywood monster depictions.  So sit back, stuff your face with some chocolate, help yourself to an alcoholic beverage, and get ready to get creeped out on this very special episode!


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Red Devil

This Episode's Drink Pairing:

red devil drink

Each episode our lovely Producer and co-host Krista, pairs a drink that is somehow thematically appropriate for the material discussed in our program.  What's the connection?  We don't know, but hope to figure out by the end of the episode.  Play along with us, and feel free to drink along too!  Unless you are driving or operating heavy machinery of course.  On this episode Krista decided to bring us a delicious red devil!

Time code: 02:30

Time code: 10:40-23:30

Costume Contest

Time code: 29:40-50:25

Back from the dead

Time code: 53:00-01:04:20

Would you hang this?

Time code: 01:08:25-01:12:05