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Whether you made it here on your own will or this window came via a pop-up through a porn site, all that matters now is you found us.  We have a multitude of ways you can listen along to our podcast listed below.  Our podcast is free!  Yes that's right zero dollars and zero cents because in some weird demented way, we look at this podcast as a form of art in itself - and all art by nature, should be a community service and free to cheap-ass people such as yourself.  However, if you want to tip your waiters and bartenders for the audio beverages that we're pouring into your ear drums, we're not going to stop you.  Our Vimeo option of the broadcast is the only platform where you will be asked to pay for the program.  It includes extra content and visual references of the art we discuss built directly in.  All other platforms are 100% free.  Still too lazy and cheap to be convinced?  Fine, we have free episode menu books below as well that allow you to look along as you listen.

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Each episode we produce is not just carefully crafted with zesty audio ingredients but visual stimuli as well.  Here you will find our episode menu books.  Menu books help YOU, the awesome audio listener - see what our hosts see.  So feast your eyes, fill your ears, and embrace audio gluttony and become vengeance, David.


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