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Episode 7

On today's episode of Listen to Your Art...There's a whole lotta monkey business because we're critiquing the work of con artists, animals, and questionable entertainers.  From monkeys to mimes, drone art, photo realistic drawings, and painters turned convicts -it's time to put your detective hats on and join us on our next adventure into the world of fine art!


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Orange Wine

This Episode's Drink Pairing:

orange wine drink

Each episode our lovely Producer and co-host Krista, pairs a drink that is somehow thematically appropriate for the material discussed in our program.  What's the connection?  We don't know, but hope to figure out by the end of the episode.  Play along with us, and feel free to drink along too!  Unless you are driving or operating heavy machinery of course.  On this episode Krista decided to bring us orange wine!

Time code: 01:00-6:30

Time code: 09:20-23:00

Kid, Animal or Adult

Time code: 25:25-35:50

Art or Entertainment?

Time code: 41:51-50:40

Photo or noto?