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Episode 6

On today's episode of Listen to Your Art...No autographs please, as we escort fine art to the front and center, and view it through the lens of celebrity. In this action packed episode that's as exciting as a Hollywood summer blockbuster, we bring aboard celebrity author and actor Charles Casillo to help us in our never ending pursuit of high brow knowledge and low brow humor.  We'll take a deep dive into actors, artists and entertainers such as Shia Lebeouf,David Blaine, Chet Hanks, Norman Rockwell, Sam Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Dennis Hopper, Leonardo Davinci, Leonardo Dicaprio, Paris Hilton, Kurt Cobain, Jim Carrey, the cast of Saved by the Bell, and many more!


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Shirley Temple

This Episode's Drink Pairing:

Shirley Temple Drink

Each episode our lovely Producer and co-host Krista, pairs a drink that is somehow thematically appropriate for the material discussed in our program.  What's the connection?  We don't know, but hope to figure out by the end of the episode.  Play along with us, and feel free to drink along too!  Unless you are driving or operating heavy machinery of course.  On this episode Krista decided to bring us a Hollywood inspired beverage named after a former movie star.

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KNOW YOUR _____!

Time code: 35:15

meet our guest
Charles Casillo

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