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Episode 12

On today's episode of Listen to Your Art...The Christmas spirit is in the air and we're in a giving mood...We've wrapped up an extended edition episode and placed it under the tree just for you!  So get to unwrapping and enjoy our season finale episode with a tall glass of eggnog, the alcoholic kind of course!  This is all about holiday cheer and having a good time.  We're going to play "Never have I ever" with Robb and Matt's art careers to see if they should end up on Santa's naughty list, give out secret Santa art oddities, and learn about little people painters.  So find the mistletoe, stoke up the fire and screw listening to Christmas carolers, we are the new fallen snow for your ears.


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mistletoe martini

This Episode's Drink Pairing:

mistletoe martini

Each episode our lovely Producer and co-host Krista, pairs a drink that is somehow thematically appropriate for the material discussed in our program.  What's the connection?  We don't know, but hope to figure out by the end of the episode.  Play along with us, and feel free to drink along too!  Unless you are driving or operating heavy machinery of course.  On this episode Krista decided to bring us mistletoe martinis!

Time code: 01:00-10:00

Ho Ho Hoe?

Time code: 11:20-29:25


Time code: 30:00

Secret Santa - round 1 - "vomit art"

Time code: 36:42

Secret Santa - round 2  - "Shadow Art"

Time code: 40:00

Secret Santa - round 3 - "flesh art"